Friday Schedule!

–Camelback Friends and Family!! This Friday, the 22nd is our LAST Friday Night Lights of The Open! We are gonna have food for the big night. Roberto Centeno and Rene Andrade will be serving up hamburgers with pasta salad with a side of beer. All proceeds will be going to The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society! There is no price on the food, but all donations/tips will go directly to the foundation. Please come out Friday night to hang out with us, enjoy some good company, and cheer some people on! Thank you, and we hope to see you all there!

— will be NO 6pm class this Friday for Friday Night Lights! Heats will start at 6:30pm, please show up early to warm up and get into a heat. Come hang out and cheer people on as they take on 19.5!

Gym Briefing

—Yoga will be on March 30th from 10:15-11:15—

***March Member Event***
March 23rd – Cubs vs Rockies Spring Training Game – 6:40pm @ Salt River Fields –
($34 – Lawn Seats – You can purchase tickets at

Metcon (No Measure)
Goat Day(substitute movements as desired)
20 Min EMOM
1. 2-4 Push Jerks
2. Row @ 50% effort
3. 1-2 Power Clean (moderate weight)
4. Bike @ 50% effort

Goat Days are used for us to practice movements that our challening for us. Over the next 5 weeks, since we dont know what movements will be coming up on Fridays we will be programming goat days. You can use this 20 Min EMOM to practice movements at a low intensity. For example, movement one we can do double unders for 30 seconds. Movement two, we can do 3-5 Overhead squats or 1-2 muscle ups. We want to keep the rep scheme and the intensity low for these goat days. If you have any questions ask a coach, thank you!

4 Movements
Min 1: 30s Double Unders or DU attemps.
Min 2: Bike
Min 3: 5-10 hand release push up
Min 4: Row

2 Movements
Min 1: Bike
Min 2: 2-4 HSPU

2 Movements
Min 1: Row
Min 2: Box Step Ups 20″